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The Story

Here's how All American Wontons began...

I started the business with my best friend Kerri in 2012 after a trip to Atlantic City. We were eating dumplings and we wondered why you don't see any more creative flavors besides pork or cream cheese. We went home and started making our own and friends and family loved them so we decided to make it in business.

We I started out doing farmers markets and renting a commercial kitchen without much knowledge of what we were getting ourselves into! Eventually I took over the business full time and quit my day job. I rented my own kitchen on Broadway in Massapequa in C&C catering.
From there we were able to open our own stand in the Tri-County flea market food court as well as opening a food trailer.

August 1st 2020 we opened our first storefront! ​The rest is history!!


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830 N Broadway, Massapequa, NY


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