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The Story

Here's how All American Wontons began...

I started the business with my best friend Kerri in 2012 after an idea that sprang from a trip to Atlantic City. Days after, we got home, grabbed a handful of wonton wrappers and began to curate our own filling, incorporating some of our favorite flavors like buffalo chicken and bacon mac and cheese. We made a couple of care packages to hand out to our friends and family~ they absolutely loved them and we knew we had to share them with others! 

A couple months later of testing and developing our menu, we started at farmers markets and renting a commercial kitchen without much knowledge of what we were getting ourselves into! Eventually, I took over the business full time and quit my day job. I rented my own kitchen on Broadway in Massapequa in C&C catering.
From there I was able to open my own stand in the Tri-County flea market food court as well as opening a food trailer.

August 1st 2020 we opened our first storefront! ​The rest is history!!


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